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Usage areas of submersible pumps


In water drilling, submersible pumps are also used as “fire hydrophore, utility water hydrophore, garden watering hydrophore” with additional equipment other than water transfer from caisson wells. In addition drilling well where submersible pumps operate with additional equipment can be used as a tank and the pump can be converted to hydrophore and thereby there will be no need to build a water tank again.

The Advantages of Using Submersible Pumps as Hydrophore;

a) It is silent in hydrophore applications, you do not hear its sound
while operating in the same room.
b) The pump never causes a problem such as making air and
suction during the negative suction applications.
c) In the event that the tank is away from hydrophore room, it is
used without experiencing any difficulty since it has no suction
problem no matter how far the distance is.

It is obligatory to use cooling jacket in hydrophore and caisson well applications of submersible pumps. Contact with our company for price of cooling jacket.


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